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Website: Fun 2 Rent
How does it work?: Rent a boat or jetski from your neighbors
How can I save money?: By not purchasing a boat or jet ski you might only use 1-5 times a year, you can save lots of money. Instead of paying a monthly loan payment, you'll pay only for when you want to use the ski boat.
How can I make money?: If you have a boat or jetski and you don't use it everyday, you can rent the boat to people who live near you or need access to the asset you own. You will be compensated for the time your boat is used and that will make the cost of ownership decrease.
Type of service:
  • rent
Who provides service to end user?:
  • peer-to-peer
Provided for:
  • consumer
  • percentage of sale
Cost basis:
  • buy/sell transaction
Cost details: Fun2rent will deduct a 25% fee, which includes $300,000 in liability coverage as well as the cost of the transaction. The transaction fee will be taken as a percentage of sale from the owner of the boat.
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