• Communities^ Squared Unconference in San Francisco

    This past Saturday, I joined the Communities Squared Un-Conference put on by the folks at Langton Labs, Embassy Network and Rainbow Mansion - all community houses setup in a configuration they cal ...

    by Chelsea
    Monday, 07 October 2013
  • The Future of Car Sharing

    What does the future of car sharing look like? After writing and researching shareable transportation in It's a Shareable Life, and doing my own experiments with SideCar Ridesharing, How to Ditch Y ...

    by Chelsea
    Wednesday, 17 April 2013
  • It's a Shareable Life - A Practical Guide to Sharing Economy

    We've been writing and researching for a year A year in the making, It's a Shareable Life is nearly ready for prime time - that is, with the kindness and generosity of strangers who can help make t ...

    by Chelsea
    Wednesday, 23 January 2013
  • Philip Rosendale on the Future of Work

    I've been wondering what the deal with Coffee & Power is for more than a year now. There was this really swank space with desks (plus wifi, coffee and power of course) on Market Street in San Fr ...

    by Chelsea
    Wednesday, 31 October 2012
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